“Sugar Reduction: Responding to the Challenge’’

June 2014
Public Health England (PHE) has published a paper, “Sugar Reduction: Responding to the Challenge”, marking its commitment to help reduce sugar intake and improve the nation’s health. This discussion paper outlines the steps Public Health England (PHE) will take to help people reduce their sugar intake.

PHE is calling on stakeholders, including charities, academics, industry, retailers and consumers, to collaborate in tackling this increasingly serious public health concern. As well as further development of its successful marketing campaigns designed to promote healthy living, PHE will study a range of possible approaches which include advertising of foods to children, food procurement across the public sector and education and training.

PHE are undertaking this work because it is clear that all population groups are consuming sugar significantly above the UK’s current recommendations. Diets high in sugar can contribute to excess calorie intake, which if sustained leads to weight gain and obesity.

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