The Food Hospital

In a new eight-part series, entitled the The Food Hospital, Channel 4 examines the science behind using food as medicine. In experiments conducted with strict scientific rigour, patients suffering from a range of medical conditions are invited to attend The Food Hospital where they are prescribed specific food treatment programmes to find out if their health problems can be alleviated or cured by changing their diet.

The patients in the series have a wide variety of medical conditions, ranging from common problems like chronic fatigue syndrome and eczema, and the more unusual such as fish odour syndrome and gout, to life-threatening diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and breast cancer.

The experts in the programme include: Mr Shaw Somers, Specialist Consultant Gastrointestinal and Bariatric surgeon; Lucy Jones, who is a Senior Specialist Dietitian at the Whittington Hospital, North London and General Practitioner Dr Giovanni Miletto.

This is certainly a programme worth watching and will reveal some of the untold health benefits and medicinal properties of certain foods,  whilst helping to dispel some of the widely-held misconceptions about food.

The programme is aired weekly, on Tuesdays,  at 8pm on Channel 4.




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