Client Testimonials

The following testimonials illustrate the quality of the dietetic service I offer:


” Jean demonstrated a good understanding of my symptoms and her suggestions on how I could manage them have had a positive effect on my wellbeing.” BH, West Yorkshire

” Jean was knowledgeable, sympathetic and sensible, giving me a course of action to follow that addressed my particular issue. Jean is an excellent professional and I would highly recommend her.” AT, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

” Jean was easy to talk to and I felt confident with her support. She advised on exactly what I wanted help with.” SL, Halifax

” I am so glad I consulted Jean. My Doctor had recommended the low-fodmap diet as I had
developed IBS during the pandemic and become sensitive to many foods. Jean clarified that the low-fodmap diet is not first line advice and there were many easier steps to try first, for example, balancing out the size of the meals I ate throughout the day. This has worked really well and helped me to avoid a much more restrictive diet. Thanks Jean! ” SC, Lancaster

” Quite often you are unaware of how little things can impact your life, and even small choices to diet or lifestyle can affect you. By having someone talk through the choices you are making, and the external impacts upon your wellbeing, can make all the difference. Empowering yourself to take control of your own health and happiness, having dietary assessment is often key to the first step in the journey ” SCS, Carlisle

” I had lost my way trying to research what might help the 3 separate digestive issues I had been experiencing for some years. Jean’s knowledge and expertise helped me to identify what should be prioritised. Jean is a professional with a warm and friendly manner who also helped me to understand other aspects of my lifestyle apart from food that were contributing to the symptoms plus ‘time of life’ issues that I should discuss with my GP. Thank you, Jean! ” RP, Leeds

” Jean has changed my relationship with food completely, I now have a positive relationship with food ” MA, Wakefield

” Thank you, Jean, you have changed my life! I have gone from thinking I needed a restricted diet to being able to eat almost anything! Your advice was helpful and the targets you gave me were manageable. I finally have my symptoms under control! Thank you!! ” MF, Leeds

” Your simple but effective recommendations worked over time and made a real and lasting difference to my condition. Time and money well spent. Thank you.” CJ, Lancashire

” If you want a no-nonsense, no gimmick, practical approach to improving your diet then Jean is the right person for you! ” JF, West Yorkshire

” I’m glad I found you Jean. I’d have been in a muddle with my tummy issues right now had I not. I was expecting to wait a long time for some help and you got me on the right track within a few days. Thank you.” JS, West Yorkshire

“Jean responded promptly to my request for help with digestion problems. I found her to be friendly and knowledgeable and her advice was clear, tailored to my needs, practical and helpful.. ” BH, York

“Jean provided very clear and practical dietary advice that was acutely tailored to my particular health conditions. I was very impressed by her experience and expertise. She explained the consultation process to me very effectively and this meant that I always felt comfortable and at ease. The written report that I received after the online consultation summarized what we had discussed in detail and will be a very useful resource as I adjust my diet. ” AF, Warwickshire

“I feel so much healthier and in control of my diet since consulting Jean. ” SH, North Yorkshire

“I would like to say thank you for the help you have given me whilst on recovery from major surgery from which I have to follow a Diary & Gluten free diet, has proved invaluable. Your professional report and follow-up’s have aided my recovery and I wouldn’t be where I am without it. Thank you once again. ” KJ, Gargrave

“Jean was professional but very easy to talk to from my first contact with her. Her approach to my diet was non-judgemental and her suggestions were realistic which meant it was easy to implement them. Her ideas for improving my digestive health were carefully based on our conversation as to what I liked and disliked. Jean made me feel throughout that I knew my own body and that I just needed a little help to get my gut functioning at its optimum level. It is obvious Jean is passionate about helping her clients feel better, the aftercare has been just as impressive. Thank you Jean! ” HR, Rochdale

“Helping to understand my own body and providing peace of mind was worth every penny. ” TA, York

“Jean was very thorough and her advice has put me back on track. It has certainly been a learning curve and if I stick to the advice Jean has given me I don’t get IBS symptoms. It is very reassuring to know that Jean is happy for me to contact her by email/text when I have any questions. I would highly recommend Jean. ” JM, Ilkley

“I was very pleased with Jean’s attitude, professionalism and clinical advice. She alleviated a dietary problem I had, leading to an improvement in my general well-being and confidence. ” GC, Ribble Valley

“I was amazed that the small, cumulative changes Jean suggested had such a profound impact on my IBS, which became about 80% better in two months. The changes were not as hard to make as I feared and Jean’s support and encouragement were outstanding. ” MS, Ilkley

“I should have sought your help years ago. I’m better now than I can remember. ” HS, Oldham

“Excellent help.” AB, Leeds

“Jean has been super, helping me to better understand my diet and eating habits to bring about change. I particularly valued the flexibility she offers in appointment times and her clear and helpful advice.” CM, West Yorkshire

”Jean’s service was excellent from the initial telephone call to the consultation and follow up report. It was thorough and completely tailored to my needs.  I am now successfully managing my IBS and have been free of symptoms for the last 4 months. Definitely the best £80 I have ever spent!”.  CE, Harrogate

“Jean is a very approachable, accessible, supportive, lady.  I felt the fee charged for the time, advice and report she provided was good value.  She was keen to help and support me with my digestive problem, she listened and gave me some very good advice.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jean”.  MC, Leeds

“I live in the West Yorkshire area and would recommend anyone who has dietary problems to go and see Jean”.  AA, West Yorkshire

“Jean provided an excellent service for which I will be forever grateful. After following Jean’s dietary advice for one week my symptoms were relieved significantly and this relief has been maintained consistently. Also, Jean helped me on a personal level and made me feel as though she genuinely cared and understood how IBS was impacting on my life. I would highly recommend Jean to anyone who suffers with IBS related symptoms. PL, Leeds

“Jean is a true professional and a very understanding person.  Highly recommended.  She even goes that extra length to make sure the area affecting your health e.g. work, personal issues are dealt with in the correct manner to improve your quality of life as a whole.  So pleased to have met her”.  ZP, Lancashire

“I searched for a dietitian with renal knowledge and Jean was perfect for this.  I had to travel a long way but the trip was definitely worth it, and in the future I will make the trip again when I want extra help.”  AL, Lancaster

“I had been suffering with IBS and stomach acid problems for quite some time and Jean was extremely helpful and gave me lots of practical advice that I still use today, which has really eased my symptoms.  She listened to my needs and tailored my diet to suit and has always been happy to speak to me with any problems or questions I may have.  I can strongly recommend her to anyone with dietary needs.”  BD, York

“Having had problems for some time I was a little  sceptical about how effective this would be but I found the advice very tailored and practical”.  JH, Calderdale

“Jean provided an incredibly thorough consultation, that was tailored to my specific needs and objectives. I found Jean really easy to talk to and felt that she understood the challenges that I was facing, and in turn was able to provide very detailed advice and recommendations.  The written report following my consultation provided me with a reference for my on-going lifestyle and diet management. I would definitely recommend Jean’s services.”  BR, London

“Seeing Jean for just one consultation provided me with the  knowledge and methods to improve my diet to manage my condition. The written report has been a useful source of reference for anything I have been unsure  about  afterwards.”  GS, Leeds

“I was diagnosed with IBS about 20 years ago and recently experienced a flare-up in symptoms.  I contacted Jean in a panic at New Year and she set up an appointment for me straight away.  Thanks to Jean’s gentle and intelligent approach, my symptoms are much improved and I am sustaining weight loss. I would recommend her to anyone who needs advice and an action plan about their diet”.  HM, Hebden Bridge

“I received prompt, professional and helpful advice and would definitely recommend””.DD, West Yorkshire

“I suffered from a bout of acute pancreatitis, and prior to the illness my diet was acceptable, however not perfect!  I started to feel down following the attack, and opted for junk food as a comfort. I knew this had to stop, I called Jean who was very accommodating on the phone to my appointment times. I visited Jean, and the advice she gave me was clear, and very informative.  More importantly she gave me confidence about my general lifestyle. A very Happy/healthy young man (maybe not so young now!)”.  GJ, Halifax